A multi-purpose bot on discord

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Entertainment for your servers!

Fun commands to keep your server entertained. There are a bunch of commands which you can use to keep yourself entertained, And more of them get added every week!


Get information about your users to make sure they are not an alt!

With DayStride you can make sure everyone is a real member and no one is an alt. Nobody wants inactive members!


Useful commands that helps you!

Do you want to suggest something to get added to the bot? You can do that by running a single command!



DayStride helps you moderate your server without doing everything manually!

  • Need to make a poll? No problem, with DayStride you can make complex polls.
  • A member is abusing the purpose of only one channel? Block their access from talking in that channel using DayStride.
  • Need a customizable starboard channel? DayStride has a reliable starboard system.


This bot is mainly Focused on fun commands. It keeps you entertained all the time :)

  • Wide variety of commands. Over 50 commands for fun!
  • Meme commands for dank members ;)


What is a bot anyway without NSFW? Thankfully, DayStride is cool enough to keep us occupied.. :P

  • High Quality NSFW images
  • A lot of commands to choose from


Do much more with more selection of commands!


There are a lot of fun commands to keep you entertained at any time! More commands get added every week. So there is a lot to choose from.


Useful commands based on getting information from the users and the server, and a lot more.


Having problem managing your server? Well, we have Moderation commands to make up for that. Kick, Ban, Mute, and more!


There are a fair few amount of NSFW commands, for you to enjoy. And they are high quality :)